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Proposal proposal

I am a fan of things left unfinished. Half-cooked ideas or failed projects hold a certain place in my two sizes too small heart. I gained much delight from Mark Osbaldeston’s book, Unbuilt Toronto: A History of the City That Might Have Been. Coleridge’s unfinished fever dream “Kubla Khan; or, A Vision in a Dream: A Fragment,” has always been a source of inspiration. Coleridge described himself as “indolence capable of energies.” Perhaps this is an apt description of why some poems are left unfinished and some buildings are left on paper, but it is certainly not the sole reason.

Indeed, the myriad of reasons, some would say excuses, that surround unfinished projects are sometimes as interesting as the proposed idea. Take for example Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe’s, Lost in La Mancha, which looks at Terry Gilliam’s failed attempt to adapt Don Quixote. Fictional narratives have also been produced about such glorious failures to fulfill a project. Fellini’s, and Kaufman’s, Synecdoche, New York immediately spring to mind. But I would like to plumb the depths of a more “low brow” form of failure: the Television pilot.

Don't go chasing windmills, stick to the...

Television pilots are an interesting industry. They are a calculated stab in the dark. Michael Cera and Clark Duke and, famously, Seinfeld have depicted the trials and tribulations of getting a pilot made, or a project launched. But what I would love to see are the pilots themselves. I am talking about those great and glorious failures of the small screen that never had a chance. Basically, everything found on this site. And those were just from ABC! Imagine the goldmine of hilarious, bizarre, and maybe, just maybe, grand failures that lie in the slush piles of the major networks. I say we resurrect these valiant mistakes from their VHS graveyards, and see what we were missing as we watched 10 seasons of friends. 10!

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